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Flooring trend 1: Modern country

Modern Country style captures the warmth and charm of traditional country style and gives it a contemporary update. Resolutely neutral and natural, the understated Modern Country trend is more about textures and finishes, and less about making a statement with colour.

In terms of flooring, Modern Country style really demands natural wood floors, either rustic and reclaimed or smooth and regular depending on your own interior design preference.

Engineered wood flooring is an excellent way to enjoy beautiful wood flooring without some of the drawbacks of solid wood floors. Engineered wood is real wood – each piece has a stable core that’s finished on either side with beautiful real-wood veneers. But as it’s not solid wood, it won’t warp and it’s not affected by heat, cold and humidity.

If you’d like a wood floor look that’s less traditional in style, take a look at our laminate flooring. Laminate is man-made so as well as being more affordable you’ll find a wider choice of patterns and colours for your Modern Country living room or kitchen.


How to get the modern country flooring look

Once you’ve found your perfect Modern Country wood flooring, take a look at these ideas for pulling the whole look together.


A natural, neutral colour palette

This look may be neutral but it’s never dull. To achieve Modern Country style, add layer upon layer of natural shades – white, beige, cream, taupe and grey – to create a dynamic and richly-textured look that is equal parts soothing, inviting and elegant.


Timeless rustic furniture

Mix wood and rattan antiques and flea-market finds with newer pieces for a gently eclectic look that’s timeless and sophisticated. As you’re striving for Modern Country style rather than traditional country style, it’s important to balance classic farmhouse furniture with comfortable contemporary pieces.


Vintage lighting and accessories

Search for vintage-style wall lights and ceiling pendants with opaque shades that cast a warm light, chunky knitted wool throws, and linen-covered cushions.

Flooring trend 2: Retro revival

Bold patterns, interesting textures, and curved and geometric shapes are the hallmarks of Retro Revival style. This homage to mid-century interior design always sits happily in contemporary homes thanks to its fresh and vibrant colour palette.

In flooring, the Retro Revival trend is where carpet rules. Think shaggy pile carpets, patterned carpets with stripes or large geometric designs, and soft pile carpets in either classic mid-century colours or simple neutrals. As well as being very much stylistically aligned with this flooring trend, wall-to-wall carpet makes a room feel cosier and more put-together.

It’s worth remembering that our carpet whipping service can turn your Retro Revival carpet off-cuts into rugs or stair runners, which means you can introduce a touch of mid-century style into more than one room.

Find your perfect Retro Revival carpet by browsing our full carpet collection or take a look at our carpet FAQs.

How to get the retro revival flooring look

You’ve found the beautiful carpet that’s just right for your Retro Revival living room. Here’s how to continue the theme through other decor and design elements.


A mid-century colour palette

If you’ve chosen a bold mid-century colour for your floor like a burnt orange or forest green carpet, keep things simple with off-white painted walls. Alternatively, neutral flooring makes retro-coloured fabrics and furnishings really pop.


Furniture with statement curves

Whether your budget runs to authentic mid-century furniture or more affordable modern updates, look out for furniture with curves like a circular coffee table, a sideboard with rounded edges, and an armchair with an exaggerated curvaceous silhouette.


Bold lighting and accessories

Keep shapes, patterns and textures larger than life for those all-important finishing touches. Channel 1960s and 1970s decor with houseplants like an iconic monstera – a Swiss cheese plant – or a glossy rubber plant. Choose retro-inspired lamps and lighting in orange, yellow or green glass or acrylic.

Flooring trend 3: Rich opulence

Elegant and luxurious, the Rich Opulence flooring trend is all about gorgeous jewel-toned colours, soft and tactile textures, and metallic accents. Grand and graceful rather than glitzy and glam, this is a look that works in any room from living room to bedroom.

For flooring, think beautifully soft wool or wool-blend carpets that feel fabulous underfoot and give your room an upscale look. Whether you choose plain or patterned, a high-quality carpet makes well-crafted statement furniture and accessories stand out in style.

Of course, you can also create the Rich Opulence look by starting with hard flooring – picture dark polished wood floors strewn with finely woven rugs. Our luxury vinyl tiling collection has many options that give you the look of beautiful and authentic wood floors, and is available in a wide range of wood finishes and tones to complement jewel-coloured upholstered furniture and window treatments.

How to get the rich opulence flooring look

It’s easy to achieve the low-key luxury of Rich Opulence in your home with the perfect colour palette and sumptuous furniture.


A bold and beautiful colour palette

There's nothing richer and more opulent in hue than jewel tones – think amethyst, ruby red and emerald green. Featuring these colours through fabrics like velvet, cotton and linen will give them more impact and help to keep the look elegant and sophisticated.


Sumptuous furniture

Because opulence is something you can touch as well as see, look for sumptuous upholstered furniture like oversized armchairs and extra-cushiony sofas. Opulent doesn’t necessarily mean traditional, so feel free to choose contemporary pieces as long as the overarching aesthetic feels indulgent.


Metallic lighting and accessories

Accentuate your opulent carpet or wood flooring and new colour scheme with metallic accents in the form of table lamps, ceiling lighting and even side tables. Be sure to do this with a fairly light touch – less is more when it comes to gold – and let your new flooring take centre stage.


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